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7 Color Flame Humidifier

7 Color Flame Humidifier

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Welcome to the 21st century, where technology meets lifestyle with the 7 Color Flame Humidifier. Combining convenience and beauty into one product, this multifunctional machine is your ideal mini-humidifier, aromatherapy diffuser and flame night lamp all in one! With 7 different shades of colorful flames to choose from, you can create an atmosphere that best suits your needs. The PP safety water tank is designed specifically for use with essential oils which means refresh your home without having to worry about damage while being ultra silent at only 30db. Rechargeable Type-C USB ensures it's up and running whenever you need it whether through PC, power bank or adapter. Perfect for a wide variety of applications such as your home, bedroom, yoga studio, office or even desktop - this 7 Color Flame Humidifier will be sure to meet all needs!

Package List:1 * Flame Diffuser1 * USB Charging Cable1 * Using Manual

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